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The Thor II/Agents of SHIELD Two For One Post

I was discussing the whole 'Coulson isn't dead anymore' thing elsewhere, but most of what I wanted to say drifted firmly into Thor II, so look! A real fannish post!

I've really thought, going along watching AoS, that Coulson's being alive would be due to some sort of magical reason. (Though, why it couldn't just be that Fury lied.) (I never believed Coulson was dead in Avengers. They wouldn't have called it within 10 seconds of the medical team getting there, for goodness sake!) (They took him to a trauma unit, and though touch and go, managed to save his life.) (But I guess that isn't comic booky enough.)So, magic, abracadabra, Coulson lives. There was a deleted scene from Thor where Eric was impaled with a big slice of plate glass window, and Thor used healing stones to fix him right up, so hard could Coulson be? By after the last episode, I'm afraid they're going with the Coulson as a robot thing, what do they call it? Life Model Decoy? That whole mission seemed like it was a test to see how he reacted to the situation. Like they weren't sure if he'd still respond like the human he was. Or maybe I'm being paranoid. If he does end up being a robot, I'm going to be seriously ticked off.

So back the the healing stones - since they cut them out of the movie, they aren't canon, and so couldn't be used to save Frigga, and why would they want to since the whole premise of the movie as far as Loki helping Thor depends on her dying. Not to mention, Thor could have 'saved' Loki with them. Bah! Which brings me around again to thinking Coulson is a robot. Which sucks. I'll feel cheated, thinking Coulson was alive, but instead, he's still dead.

As for Loki 'dying', I'm inclined to think he really did nearly die, but something in his Frost Giant nature saved him. I knew that guard that reported to Odin was Loki, but I never saw the end coming :D Now I wonder where Odin is, if he's even still alive (which I tend to think he is), and what's going to happen when Thor finds out. Loki as Odin as King of Asgard is just so ripe for epic stories. I'm sure they'll revisit it, just will have to wait longer than I want to!

Totally adored Sif in this, heck, all the Warriors Three.

Jane and the Soul Forge cracked me up, and Thor's reaction was awwww.

The funeral scene was magnificent, even though I'm still not happy about them killing off Frigga. I loved her character.

There should have been more Loki and Thor interaction. I was really surprised the movie wasn't even quite two hours. I suppose it's too much to hope for a directors cut. Just more deleted scenes tacked onto the DVD.

The middle of the credits scene: I was underwhelmed. Looked like a set from Classic Trek - was just waiting for Mudd's Women to show up. Don't get me wrong, I will go see Guardians of the Galaxy, and I'm hoping I'll like it more than I think I will, but at this point, I'm meh about the whole thing.

Was also bummed that we didn't get the ten minute preview of Captain America II I'd read was included in the IMAX showings. I thought there would at least be a trailer for it!

Looking forward to this weeks AoS, which deals with Thor II! Yay!!!

And now, I can finally write my Asgardian artifact and the Isla de Muerta story!

Okay, so that ended up being my Thor: The Dark World thoughts post as well.

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