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First Lines

Pillaged from [profile] gryphonrhi: List the first lines of your last twenty stories. See if you find any patterns.

It's been a long while since I've done a meme.

1: "How's our patient?" Charlotte asked Ezra as she entered Tony's Shanghai hospital room—though room didn't quite cover it.

2: The sound of cards being shuffled pulled Tony from a drugged slumber.

3: "I knew I should have gotten the collision insurance when I picked up the rental."

4: "I can never adequately repay you for all you've done," the tiny old one said to Bruce.

5: "I'm very, very mad at you!" Bruce pointed a finger at Charlotte accusingly.

6: "Well that was an entrance," Charlotte Sparrow observed wryly as she walked towards her friend backstage.

7: "Happy is going to hit the roof when he wakes up!" Charlotte said, pointing a finger at Tony.

8: “You are the most beautiful boy. Yes, you are! Are you lonely here all by yourself?”

9: "Did you sleep well?" Charlotte asked Tony as she joined him at the corral fence.

10: "You've changed," Methos said quietly from behind her.

11: "Tony," a hitch of fear caught at her voice.

12: Charlotte slid off her horse and into his arms.

13: “If you want me to come, then of course I shall. But I think you overestimate any influence I might have with Chris.”

14: Melting snow, dripping from the roof of the stone walled cot, was what woke Methos from an unsettled sleep.

15: "Have you lost your God damned mind?" Nick Fury demanded, looking down at the woman sitting on a piece of broken sea wall.

16: The air was full of ash and dust, the broken building she was crawling out of coated in it, like her lungs.

17: The morning star burns brightly in the muted luminance of a promised dawn, his only witness as he sits at the base of the monument.

18: Tony takes a swallow of his espresso, studying his friend's face.

19: A knock at the door, soft, suiting the dark hours of the predawn.

20: "What about Monaco this year?" Tony asked, fingering the wine glass in front of him.

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