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Things Not Written

I had some mental fic writing going on when I was on vacation, and a few more such efforts over the last week. Not sure if they'll ever turn into 'real' stories, or just inhabit my subconscious and pop up in bits and pieces in dreams.

A sequel to The Memories of Stones and Stars, last year's Highlander Holiday story. Methos discovers that his ship was actually thrown into the past, and while he's been stranded 75 years, for those close to him nearly two centuries have passed. Would include Loki, Asgard, the child foretold in White As Snow, Red As Blood. If I do write this one, it won't be till after Thor II comes out.

Charlotte finds herself in an alternate timeline, where Ezra was killed by Kronos in 1867, and she's been hunting Methos ever since to avenge Ezra. She's head of SHIELD, Tony hates her, and Loki rules Earth to protect it from Asgard. It's all pretty depressing stuff, and my mood currently is feeding the bunnies.

Grave sites. Ficlets set around the graves of Jack, Chris, Tony at Howard's, that sort of thing. Did I mention depressing stuff? Yeah.

A companion piece to What's Rule One, Pepper-centric.

The Avengers movie set story.

The prequel to those two James Bond ficlets.

My Queen of Swords story and finishing the blasted thing.

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