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What else?

Other than canning, not much,. Well, I did finish and posted the last part of Equivocal Coalescence. For a longish story, I completed it in three months. Which for me, is fast. It seems to be fairly well received--well, as much as you can tell these days. I really did enjoy writing a story set during a movie, it was a challenge. Hopefully it will help me pull off the Avengers set one [fingers crossed]. Haven't written a word since. I think I'm going to try and work on my Queen of Swords story a little more--I'm determined to finish the damned thing--before picking up the Avengers one.

Nin and I have done a rewatch of both Slings & Arrows and Band of Brothers. Trying to decide what to tackle next.

Haven't quite adjusted to the heat yet this year. I think the climate is getting me down. I hate that.

Oh, I haven't updated you about Freya, our latest stray. We finally were able to take her to the vet, and it turned out she was pregnant. The vet had given us his word that he'll get arrangements made for the kittens when they're born of we can just deal with the birth and keep them till they're weaned. So Freya is now an indoor kittie, and very pregnant. I'm angry all over again at people who have cats, let them outdoors, and can't even be bothered to get them fixed.

One of our chickens went broody, and shows no signs of snapping out of it. It's so hot right now, so not a good time.

I need a vacation. Going to try and take an entire week off in August at some point. Even if we don't go anywhere, just away from work for 9 days, would be bliss.

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