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02 June 2013 @ 10:53 pm
So tell me....  
people who have read the Game of Thrones books,
This show is just so unremittingly violent, and more than that, hopeless. They kill off almost everyone who you even give a damn about, in the most brutal way possible, and I wonder why keep on with it? Is there a point, when you finally get to the end? Or is it just one long relentless blood bath? Because if that's all it is, I think I'm done. Tonight's episode was just horrible, upsetting, and I just would like to know if it ever gets better?

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Becca: Alberich by beccadgbeccadg on June 13th, 2013 10:16 pm (UTC)
I'm gonna have faith in George for now...

Totally understandable. I've told avid fans of the series I might read it when it's finished. I'm just not picking it up until I know how it ends. I'm not personally prepared to put that kind of faith in him is all.

Brandon Sanderson did an awesome job finishing The Wheel of Time, but you can't always get that lucky! - Robert also knew his blood disorder was fatal and spend his last few years alive putting together everything Brandon would need too.

That's cool! I hadn't heard that.

Glad to find another Mercedes Lackey fan!

The funny thing is, as much as I love all of the Velgarth/Valdemar books I've read, I actually got into Misty through one of her Diana Tregarde books. She's only written three of them, and I only picked it up then (1990, Children of the Night) because I was looking for any stories with good guy vampires in them. I have lots of the Velgarth/Valdemar books. Redoubt: Book Four of the Collegium Chronicles is currently in my "To Read" pile.

Tanya Huff - yeah, everyone knows about her urban fantasy/horror stuff ... it was her other work that I got to know her work from (since high school for me... :)).

I picked up the first of the "Blood Books" in 1991. I bought it for the same reason I bought Children of the Night. I was looking for good guy vampires. People who think of them starting with the Buffy TV series, or Twilight have no appreciation of how Joss first tried to tell Buffy's story in 1992, or that series like Tanya Huff's, and The Vampire Diaries started in 1991.

I follow her LJ andpuff :)

I generally try not to follow writers I like personally, though I definitely fail with Misty, Jim Butcher and Neil Gaiman. Do you know how the authors you've mentioned besides Misty feel about fan fiction? I know Misty allows it under Creative Commons License, and Anne McCaffrey was fully accepting of it before she died, but that's all I know. x_x

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