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So you can hold me to it with posted proof! Here's my list of stories in some form of progress. They're in no particular order of completion, though 'Forget the World' will probably be the first one you'll see.

Forget the World
Another of my Grey's/Highlander fics. Takes place during and after the S2 ender and the S3 premiere. The title is a line from the Snow Patrol song, 'Chasing Cars', a current fave of mine and used in the final scenes of the last ep of S2.

I still need a name for this series! 'The Emily Stories' just isn't doing it for me. But I haven't been able to come up with anything. Ideas welcomed!

Turn My Grief to Grace
The sequel to 'Shattered'. The title from another current fave song, "Grace" by Kate Havnevik. This one will feature Duncan, and we'll get to meet Margaretta, the vampire Headmistress of Smythly Hall School for Girls. I haven't even met her yet, so I'm looking forward to it [g]

Live a Little
I hadn't forgotten! Yes, it's the House/Amanda story I promised. Now it has a title and notes and a framework, so it's much more likely to happen :)

Vanquished Demons
The sequel to 'Monsters'. Hey, I can't leave Lucia rotting in that hell hole.

Will You Remember Me?
This what I've been calling the '1843' fic. I'm still reading books for this one, but I really want to write it. The title is from a song popular at the time from an opera called 'The Bohemian Girl'. It wasn't the original title I had in mind, but when I came across the song, it seemed to fit better than what I had.

Blood to Be Paid
Jack Sparrow's next adventure, sequel to "Now We Are Met Again".

The Flavour of Sorrow
Sequel to 'Should the Dawn Return'. I'm thinking we'll finally get some more of Vampire Joe [g], and there's just more I want out of this sequence of stories. So at least one more, and then maybe I'll be done.

A Grey's/Highlander fic, except without the Grey's. Takes place after the Great Bay Quake of 2065, and since none of the Grey's characters are still alive, it becomes a Highlander fic. That's one way for me to finally write a non xover! No title yet, but I'm working on it. Also debating turning a historical figure into an Immortal. But need a particular book first to see if it's feasible -- not that that ever stopped the Highlander people...

Seems like I'll be writing for the next several years.... Well, I don't have anything better to do, after all.

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