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I ended up writing the sequel to Transformative Variations - 3000 words in so far. To keep with the title theme of the prequels, this one is titled Equivocal Coalescence. I watched the Hotel de Paris scene from IM II over and over and over, trying to get bits of the dialogue right that I needed for the story. I think this is the first tome I've written a story set during the movie itself. So, going to write some more tonight. I hope. I will be nice to finally wrap up the arc that started with Practical Applications - and just in time for IM III!

Speaking of, did you see the new theatrical trailer?!?!?! OMG! I am beside myself with excitement and anticipation. Can't wait to meet up with all our peeps in Vegas for the midnight showing!

TV stuff that's made me happy: Justified! Great season so far, and last night's was stellar. Adding to my squee is that I was so right as to the identity of Drew! I did a little victory dance around the room :D

I want chicks! We have plans for more chickens, but unfortunately that requires my brother to expand the coop, which he hasn't done yet. And yet, I want chicks now!! Several people on the Utah board of My Backyard Chicken are hatching chicks right now, and I wants some! I'm probably going to have to wait till next spring though :(

Works continues apace. Have to go up to Salt Lake next month for a managers meeting. Last time they hauled us up there was three + years ago, and I'd only been with the company a few months. Now, I'm the only office manager left from that meeting (7 of us). Believe me, the thought I could be next/last has not escaped me.

The fruit trees in the orchard have started to bloom. I love fruit tree blossoms! We're about to get hit with a big storm Friday, so lots of rain would be great timing!

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