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and blogging over at Grey's Writers (which you can add an RSS feed of you your LJ Flist)

....Enough about the freaking and the Thursdays. Let’s discuss the thing you guys wanna know about. Which is what’s gonna happen in the first episode. Ready?


Okay, yeah, I can’t tell you anything. Not anything in detail. Cause that takes the fun out of watching. But I’ve noticed that a lot of you in the comments section and over on the message boards seem to be dissecting the promos for clues. And all I have to say is…we are going places you can’t imagine. Or maybe you can imagine but you don’t expect. And I want to tell you, really I do but…well, I’m trying to keep it to myself.

The first episode is going to take place pretty much where the end of Season Two left off. Because I don’t believe in jumping ahead three months and leaving people scratching their heads and muttering, “Dude…what happened while we were away?”

I feel like SO much happened at the end of last season that I owe it to the characters to have them deal with the aftermath. And I owe it to you to let you watch the aftermath. Cause Denny died (yeah, I’m still not over that – I saw Jeff Dean Morgan a week ago at the DVD release party and almost burst into tears of joy and hugged him for about ten minutes because it was like Denny was back and alive and in my arms…but alas, it was just JDM who is super-cute and incredibly talented and has grown this adorably sexy scruffy stubble but is, in fact, not actually Denny anymore because Denny is dead) and Burke got shot and Meredith lost her panties…

I can't wait till Thursday!!

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