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I did not know you can only go back 80 posts on DW. I do now. Yes, I am behind.

What else? I keep thinking of things to post about, but don't get the chance, then it's gone. Things like Lost Girl, or other TV we've been watching. Or about what we did last weekend (Parade of Homes), or crap from work, or how most of the comments I get on my fic are spam (serious bummer). But the thinking is as far as it gets, it seems. How about the weather? It was nearly 70 this weekend! Tomorrow, it's supposed to snow. I could tell you about my plans for the garden this spring, but that's probably boring. Or how I keep writing a story in a fandom so dead, I think if 5 people read it, I'd be lucky. But, no, let's skip all that. Oh, hey, I bought a new pillow! Yes, exciting, I know.

Okay, here's something new, that's still fresh and postie :D

One of Nin's coworkers is a former member of the Jeff's cult (a little background, if you aren't familiar), who it seems was kicked out during the last round of 'excommunications'. She was a first wife, has 15 children of her own, and many grandkids, and she's now living in town, by herself, for the first time in her life. Well, she discovered 'Celtic Woman' recently and was telling Nin how much she loved the music. Since I may be something of a Celtic music-a-phile [cough], I immediately went through my prized collection, which spans some 20 years, some of which I bought in Scotland and in Nova Scotia, picking out artists she really must listen to. I think I loaned her about 20 odd CDs. Too bad she has no way to listen to the cassettes! :D Nin says she was pretty happy about the bag she was handed, and is really looking forward to listening to them. It was nice to share something totally new to a person who is dipping her toes into quite a different world than the one she's been living in.

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