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08 January 2013 @ 06:51 pm
I was looking at my account on AO3, and White As Snow, Red As Blood has over 3000 hits. Lord, that's a record. It also has the most kudos of any fic I've posted. Till now, the record was held by an Allocation of Regret, my M7 ATF/White Collar fic at 1300+. I guess Loki and Methos in the same story is some sort of fic dream team :D Okay, maybe Clint and Duncan helped [don't pout, guys!]

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Queen of Sassgard: make u minestarhawk2005 on January 10th, 2013 11:27 pm (UTC)
Yay! *applauds*

I am pretty pleased with how some of my fics are doing, too. My LitD Lokane opus has shot to the top of my fics, in terms of hits. *dances*