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22 December 2012 @ 01:11 pm
I was on the BBC food website, looking for a recipe from the Great British Bake Off Christmas episode, and came across a recipe called 'Raw Salsa'. The 'raw' bit drew my attention, I've never seen salsa referred to as raw before. Looking at the recipe, it looks similar to what what we'd call Pico de Gallo. I guess I consider all the salsas I make as raw, even the ones where I smoke the vegetables first, like my habanero salsa. Do you guys categorize some salsa as cooked then? I'm always curious about these little differences when I come across them!
arenee1999 on December 22nd, 2012 08:37 pm (UTC)
There are a few salsa recipes that require you to combine the ingredients in a blender or food processor then pour them into a saucepan and cook them. Personally I prefer the 'raw' variety.

Ith: Holiday - Santa- Show Girlithildyn on December 23rd, 2012 12:53 am (UTC)
Fascinating! It was just never having seen the term 'raw salsa' before that piqued my curiosity.
Lara I.lara_everlong on December 28th, 2012 07:42 pm (UTC)
I would assume "raw" salsa was the same thing as "fresh" salsa, or pico like you said. I would say that any salsa I make is also raw, and any salsa I buy would be raw as well, because I dislike the kind that comes in the jar with the preservatives in it and sits on the shelf - is that stuff cooked? What's the opposite of fresh salsa then? Pre-made/preserved salsa?