Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Not Really?!?!

We had a plumber coming Wednesday to put in a new hot water heater, but he never showed. Near the end of the day, he called to say he'd gotten held up on another job, but he'd be there Thursday morning. He finally shows up Thursday, mum says to hang on a sec while she locks the cats up, and he says, oh, I'm allergic to cats, I can't do the job. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're a plumber who is so allergic to cats you can't work in a house with them, and you didn't think you should mention that WHEN WE MADE THE APPOINTMENT!?!?!? So now, we have to find another plumber. That's when I remembered I'd been given a free membership to Angie's List, since they're new in the market here, and need to build up reviews. And thankfully, it isn't one of the sites blocked at work. I start texting mum the numbers of well rated plumbers. Unfortunately, most of them are waaaaay more expensive that stupid cat guy, and we'd barely put the money together for his bid. Finally, on plumber number 4, we got a bid that was more, but not so much more it made us faint. He was dumbfounded about cat allergy guy. So, at 8AM this morning, he was here, and we now HAVE HOT WATER!!!
Tags: ranty mcrant, you don't say?
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