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It was finally playing at the faux IMAX in Springdale, so we went and saw it one last time on the big screen. Then we came home and watched the movie with the Joss commentary. I think I'm in the mood now to write the sequel to Whites As Snow, since it takes place during the movie, I've been pondering the logistics.

Speaking of the DVD, actually it's the BluRay, it's just they're DVDs to me.... Anyway, I was really disappointed that after months of hearing about 45 minutes of deleted scenes, there were a paltry 13 minutes on the disc. And all but one, I'd seen on YouTube already. Maybe they're saving them for the Phase One box set coming out in the spring. I also need to see how to access the Easter egg I read about, security footage of Loki in the cell. And see if there are other Easter eggs.

So looking forward to IM III!
Tags: avengers
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