Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

I've Been Happier

First off, our Avengers DVD is still in Vegas. Amazon has failed me :( I was so looking forward to the 45 minutes of deleted scenes!!

Second, I ITCH!! Sunday, I was cooking on the grill, and afterwards, I realized I was covered in bites. I'm thinking, from my research, either black flies, or deer flies. Now, flies have been really bad this year, since it has been a damp summer - even for the desert! But I was thinking house flies, since I've never been bitten by anything outdoors around here in five years. I've tried everything for the itching, from various over the counter things to folk remedies like baking soda paste to toothpaste. Nothing has helped. I'm having a bit of an allergic reaction - my ankle and elbow are swollen, and some of the bites feel hot to the touch. Not as bad as the reaction I have to mosquito bites, but enough to be miserable. Sorry, I just have to whine because it's DRIVING ME CRAZY!!
Tags: now about me, ranty mcrant

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