Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

What I Wrote This Summer

Now that autumn is approaching, I was looking at what I accomplished this summer. Looking back, I don't think I did all too bad. My first ever drabble, that was something. Now I quite enjoy the format, though I didn't even think I could write the first one. The first 'R' rated fic I'd written in years, and finally finishing a long unfinished fic. And of course, the beginnings of half a dozen more!

Thanks to everyone who read, and thanks to everyone who commented. It's really appreciated. And special thanks to all my great beta readers!

So what all did I write this summer?

Let Not Your Heart Be Tribbled (yep, a fic with Tribbles)
Should the Dawn Return
Cock-Eyed Optimist
Takasago's Pines
My Soul Is Dark

Regret Eternal I & II
Sex on the Beach
Not a Chance

Tags: random fic stuff
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