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Echoes the Sea: The Avengers Arc

Hey all - I thought a cheat sheet/summary of sorts might be helpful for those coming into these current stories with little to no knowledge of Highlander. Can you take a look and let me know if there's anything you think I should add? And if you're one of those readers who isn't all that familiar with Highlander, let me know if I covered everything you may have wondered about.


Since the majority of the stories I'm currently writing in the Echoes the Sea series are set in the Marvel Avengers movie-verse, I thought it might be helpful to put together a cheat sheet on this particular arc.

The Avengers Arc

Believe it or not, this arc started as my attempt to not write a crossover, something I don't do very often. It was going to be strictly a Highlander story. Then I saw Iron Man, and Tony Stark waltzed in and took over. Who was I to fight the inevitable?

The first story after my surrender was Practical Applications, quickly followed by Real Friends Buy You In-n-Out, Tequila Lullaby, and The Currency of Trust. Those were followed by Charitable Impulses.

At first, the stories were Tony-centric (just the way he likes them), then Nick Fury somehow horned his way in, and well, each new movie brought a larger and larger cast of characters.

If you want to read in chronological order, AO3 is your best bet – start with Tales of the Seven Seas, and on from there. Not every single one has Marvel content, but the majority do.

Arc Overview

Obviously, as more movies came out, my canon for the series has morphed, and I've even had to do a bit of retconning. But this, for now, is probably what you need to know (If you have questions, please feel free to comment or email me.).

The theme that runs through the entire series – not just this arc – is the Highlander concept of Immortality. If you've never seen Highlander, that's okay, it's pretty straightforward. Basically, there's a race of beings on Earth who have the potential for immortality. If they die a violent death, that immortality is triggered. They heal from any wound, and cannot die unless they're decapitated. Immortals participate in something called The Game, where, in a sword fight to the death, the decapitated Immortal's Quickening, his life force, goes to the victor. Now of course, lots of Immortals have no interest in any of this, just wanting to live normal lives, but sometimes they are left with little choice.

My series follows several Immortals through 300 odd years of history, and I guess the different time/life periods are now officially arcs. This latest one takes us up to present day.

The Immortal Characters

Methos: He's the 'oldest Immortal', 5000 years old. In this era, his alias is Matthew Adamson. Methos has been more or less a good guy for several millennia, but he wasn't such a nice guy in the mists of time, having been one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in the Bronze Age (He was Death.). He has been a physician on and off through the centuries, recently taking up the practice of medicine again after Nick Fury makes him an offer he can't resist. His current SO is Charlotte Sparrow, also an Immortal. He's known her since she was mortal, and was her teacher in the ways and rules of Immortality back in the 18th century. Until they were reunited a few years ago, they hadn't seen one another for 150 years.

Charlotte Sparrow: Yes, she's an original character—let's get that out of the way. Though more than one reader not familiar with Highlander has thought she was a character from the show, so that isn't too shabby! Charlotte is nearing her 300th year, and her current alias is Charlotte Sparrow, Birdie to Tony Stark (Sparrow, like the bird? he asks upon their first meeting.). Charlotte is a vintner in San Luis Obispo, California, and originally met Tony at a party in Monte Carlo in 2001 (Something I wrote long before IM II.). They're BFFs, have a platonic relationship—not that Tony hasn't tried in the past to change her mind—and she is keen on Tony and Pepper having many babies that she can spoil. Her ties with SHIELD and the SSR stem from WWII, where she served on a team led by then Sergeant Nick Fury. The events of The Avengers pulled her back into a life she'd left behind 60 years ago.

Ezra Standish: The name may seem familiar if you ever saw the short lived TV series, Magnificent Seven. In the Old West arc I share with Strangevisitor7, we made Ezra an Immortal. Ezra was a ward of Charlotte's as a child (All Immortals are foundlings, and cannot have children of their own.) in the years leading up to the Civil War. After he became Immortal, she took on the role of his teacher. In those days, he was a professional gambler, a conman, and a lawman. He also served on the same team during WWII with Charlotte and Nick Fury, along with his wife, Molly Tanner. Present day, his alias is Edward Zachary Sanbourne—Ez to his friends. 'Ez' is a celebrated photographer, and met Tony at a Rolling Stone photo shoot. They became friends, and a few years later, Ezra arranged the meeting between his 'cousin' Charlotte, and Tony, at the party in Monte Carlo (Yeah, it was a setup.) His current SO is Amanda Darieux, Immortal jewel thief, from Highlander.

Duncan MacLeod: He was the 'Highlander' in Highlander, and makes occasional appearances in the series. He and Methos are good friends, and Duncan bought a winery adjacent to Charlotte's a few years ago. It was there that Methos and Charlotte were reunited after 150 years.

And now, a few notes on Nick Fury

Back when I was getting ready to write him for the first time in Do You Remember, I did a little research, and discovered that in the comics, he was given something called the 'Infinity Formula' in the 1940s, which stopped him from aging. It was perfect! So my Nick isn't immortal, just keeps well for his age.

I think that covers the bullet points. As always, thank you so much for reading!

I'll be writing up summaries on the other arcs in the series at some point, but for a total overview, you can see here and here.

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