Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Tooth Update

Sunday night was awful - couldn't even sleep it hurt so bad. Called the dentist Monday when they opened and they said they could see me at 12:30 and that probably my bite was just off. Me=skeptical. I know what my bite feeling off is like, and this isn't it. Get to the dentist, and he starts muttering and poking at the tooth, and then asks for tweezers. Starts pulling stuff from under the gum. Then he says he thinks I had an allergic reaction to the stuff they pack the tooth with. So I spend an hour with him digging stuff out from under the gum. This is nightmare for me, as I already have extreme dental phobia. Then he gets an x-ray to make sure he got all of it. No dice. More digging stuff out. Give me a syringe and some special little brush and tells me to keep the area as clean as possible while it heals and gives me a prescription for pain meds. We go to Nin's work to get my prescription, and her coworker - who used to be in the dental field - says she thinks the dental assistant didn't remove all the packing and that's what really happened.

Tooth still hurts, but the medication is helping enough so I can sleep. Hopefully will be better by the end of the week.
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