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But in a good way. I use LJ Addon on Firefox, so I see new post titles in the bottom bit of the browser, and I see I See You, You See Me, Differently go by. I think, cool, that's a line from one of my favourite songs, Swans, and remember I wrote a fic with a title from that song several years ago, By My Side, You'll Never Be. Curious, I head to my f'list, and discover holde_maid has used my story as a time stamp for her hl_chronicles fic! I always give permission for my stories to be used in remixes and the like, but goodness knows, I never expected anyone to take me up on it! It's so cool!! I'm going to sit here and be stunned a bit more before reading it :D
Tags: annabeth avery, dan clifford, fic: highlander, fic: holby city, methos, squeeeee!

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