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After our 100 mile blow out the catalytic converter drive yesterday, we had dinner at Black Bear Diner, and were seated next to their banquet room. There was a six year old's birthday party in progress there with about 40 kids, gift bags, balloons, sundae bar, cake, and god knows what else. I had just finished telling Nin that when I was that age, I considered myself lucky to have a birthday cake and was floored at the productions children's parties have become. I have coworkers who rent out entire parks for their two year old's birthday party! Anyway, had just finished telling this to ninjababe when our waiter comes over and says, "and what was your 6th birthday party like?". We all laughed. Well, none of my birthdays, even as an adult, were ever catered at a restaurant! Seems like parents are competing with other parents to have a better birthday party than Jose's or Susie's. At least that's the vibe when you hear them talking about it. Beats me. I will be forever baffled.

You know you're getting old when when you are even comparing birthday parties to 'in my day' [g]

Oh, and I've decided I want to have a birthday party at Disneyland complete with Princesses, since I was obviously deprived of a proper birthday party as a child. Maybe it will heal the deep seated trauma that was caused by not having a catered party with forty of my closest friends. (though I'd prefer a Princes version! [ahem])

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