Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

DVD It Is Then

We were going to go see Snow White & the Huntsman at the faux IMAX up at Zion tonight, bit forgot it's my mum's birthday, and she works till 8pm - which is when the movie starts. The theater does the usual nature films in the day, and at night, they have one second run showing of a movie on alternate nights for a week. SWH got missed in the general Avengers rush, and I thought we'd get that at least on the big screen, since it looked stunning in the adverts I saw. We did manage to go see Brave, but if we see anything before the Hobbit, I'd be surprised. Oh, wait that Jeremy Renner Bourne movie is coming out. Okay, definitely going to try and see that! I probably need to look at one of those coming soon lists and see if there was anything we'd been looking forward to. My memory sucks sometimes.

Later: Oh, the new James Bond is this winter!
Tags: movies

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