Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

What To Write Next?

I'm still in the mood to write, but not sure what.

I could start on the sequel to White As Snow, but it's going to be another long one, and I'm not sure I'm up to leaping right in to another epic. It would take place during The Avengers, and I want to write it, but it's going to take some plotting to make things fit.

I could get back to my Queen of Swords WIP, the sequel to Santa Elena Welcomes You, which I poke at every few months. If I ever do finish it, I'll probably repost the whole thing, since the last part I posted was nearly two four years back. Maybe I should reread what I have so far and see if anything sticks.

I could write a small, more intimate fic that's set after Avengers. I have been mulling something involving Tony and Charlotte and them having the chance to really talk about recent events. I'm fond of stories where they just hang out, and they haven't done it for a while.
Tags: fic rambles

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