Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

I Hate My Brain Sometimes

I'm starting a reread of White As Snow, now I've finished it. My usual practice after finishing a long story to see if anything leaps out at me that needs a fixin'. I'm in friggin part one, and then it hits me.

Loki has shown Charlotte a child, of theirs. Whether it's a potential future, or an alternate timeline, I don't know - he hasn't told me yet [g]. Now supposedly, again, according to Loki, Earth Immortals can have children with Asgardians/Jotuns, and such children have great power. An excellent motivation for Loki to beget a few. Anyway, I'm reading the first part, the interaction with Methos, and bam! My brain pulls a fast one, the thought occurs: what if his plan is to have a child with both Charlotte and Methos? After all, in Norse mythology, Loki had a child as a female - granted, he was a horse at the time, but the potential is there. And in the comics, Loki can transform himself into a woman - I used that myself in the Halloween story last year - a very beautiful woman. Now the idea's in my head, I can't get it out. Even if I do it as an alternate timeline, or way in the future. ARGH! I really don't need this.

Tags: fic rambles, loki, methos, my brain
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