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disjointed post ahead.

Decided to try out another new chiropractor after my horrible experience in the spring. I just am at the end of my rope pain wise. The neck/eye pain has been so bad, it keeps me from functioning at work. I'm not sleeping, with the addition of my usual 'hip when I fell off the ladder pain'. I think he's going to help, but I'm always suspicious - ask Nin. So, the visit blew out was left of my HSA, and then some. Which leads me to....

We're going away tomorrow. We'd blocked off this time last year, but plans fell through, but never actually canceled the days. Then tequilajen made us an offer we can't refuse, and now, we're driving to Cali tomorrow to stay with them thru the holiday. How much I love them is proven by the fact I HATE the drive thru Mojave Desert, extra hate in the summer. But this time, instead of doing the whole 12 hours in one day, we're stopping in glorious downtown Yermo! Yes, you can be jealous. And that leads to....

Working half a day tomorrow, hoping the muzzy pain side effect of the chiro exam has worn off. Making myself eat dinner, even though I don't want to. Still need to pack. Been up since 4:30am.

And last, but not least, thank you everyone who has left comments on the latest part of White As Snow! Was absolutely tickled to see them in my inbox.
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