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If anyone would like to help me wrangle fic, specifically for White As Snow, Red As Blood, please meet below the cut. I'll try and be as unspoilery as possible for those reading the story.

I keep going back and forth on this, so maybe a new POV will help. I always seem to get hung up on the smallest details, and I'm stuck now. If you were going to name a child - a daughter in this case - of Loki's, would you just make something up, or play off of one of the his children named in mythology? This is a potential child, one who may or may not exist, now, or in the future, but it's an important aspect as far as I see this story, and the ones after. A child, potentially of power, due to her parentage. I've done research, and came to find one of the children named in mythology, a girl, has been used as an actual Marvel character. I've also used my Old Norse to English dictionary, to create a name. Several, actually [g] And I keep going dithering as to which route to take. I'm sort of leaning towards a play on a mythological child - this day, at least!

Thanks for any thought you may have.
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