Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

A Bevy of Tom Hiddleston Icons

I made these a few weeks back, and still have lots of caps to go, but thought I'd post these. Mostly Tom Hiddleston, with one Loki that snuck in, and a King or two. Also, because the photos were adorable, a few with Chris Hemsworth. If you'd like text added to any one of them, please let me know, and I'll do my best to fulfill your request.

The usual: please comment and credit if you take one home with you. I'm bolding this, because while it shouldn't need to be said that it's only common courtesy, I have discovered recently that it does need to be reiterated. It isn't hard to say 'thank you', or 'hey, like the icon, I'm going to use it', and especially, to not pass off the work of others as your own. If you are uncertain on how to credit an icon, any one of us who makes icons would be happy to explain - just ask! And many thanks to all those who have been polite and gracious visitors over the years. You all rock!

I hope you enjoy the pretty that is Tom Hiddleston - and friends!

01:tom chris 1 02:tom1 03:tom7 04:tom8

05:chris1 06:thor loki 07:tom chris 2 08:tom2 09:tom3

10:tom4 11:tom5 12:tom9 13:tom10 14:tom11

15:tom12 16:tom13 17:tom14 18:tom15 19:tom16

20:tom6 21:tom17 22:tom18 23:tom19 24:tom20

25:tom21 26:tom22 27:tom23 28:tom24

Other adoptable icons may be found here, or by clicking the icons tag.
Tags: icons, icons: avengers, icons: media, icons: tom hiddleston
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