Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Home Again, Home Again

Pretty much ignored the internet while I was gone, so no idea what coolness may have happened whilst I was away. Point me to it, if you think it be worthy :)

We had a great time, including a float trip down a portion of the Colorado, followed by fishbowl margaritas. Actually, I think tequila and/or margaritas were a constant of the last four days - Nin made her killer ice bucket margaritas twice for us. Survived intact, with no sunburn. My only mishap was late yesterday, when I was wading in the Virgin River back of our inn, and the current got underneath me and tipped me over. Banged up my hip and my upper thigh pretty good when I came down on rocks. Now, we're home, and I'm doing laundry, and getting ready for work tomorrow. If you follow me on Twitter, you already know I Lokied Nin and Jen really good, but will share the full story here at some point. Pictures will also show up soon as well.
Tags: friends, travel

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