Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

I think I'm going to cry

Cats broke my teapot. My lovely Chatsford 10 cup Sponged Sheep. It's not made anymore, and I can't replace it. It's made by the London Teapot Company, and I think they may be out of business since their website is defunct (Was given a link that actually worked!) (Crap, they only make solid colours now). The rare 10 cup ones I find are all plain colours, no patterns. I know it's stupid, but I loved that teapot. And I'm ticked off because I was always pushing it back away from the edge of the counter, but my family insisted keeping putting things behind it so it kept getting shoved forward!! If people had left it alone, it wouldn't have been broken!!!!!!!!!!!! Not having much luck finding another brand that large either. Gee, surprise, most Americans aren't looking for big teapots.

Really upset right now.

My dead teapot
Tags: ranty mcrant
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