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AO3 Top Ten

Seen all over, the AO3 Top Ten List. Being a list of my fic with the most hits.

01: An Allocation of Regret - 1029
This is the 2nd part of that Mag 7 ATF/White collar 'Sea Change' series. And damn, is the whole thing incredibly popular over all. Just wish I could start writing in it again.

02: White As Snow, Red As Blood - 913
This one surprised me being #2 on the list. It's my newest, and it's a WIP. I'm not sure what it is about it that's generated so many hits comparatively.

03: Transformative Variations - 835
I'm pleased this one is is on the list. It's one of my personal favourites, with lots of Methos and Tony Stark snark. It's fairly long, and long stuff doesn't normally do as well as the shorter pieces.

04: Straight and Narrow - 831
The first part of the Sea change series from up at #1.

05: Rescue - 826
The last part - so far - of the Sea Change series.

06: Double Double, Pants and Trouble - 816
Straight Magnificent Seven, humour, a cute fic about Buck's missing pants. I think the Ezzie it got has boosted the hits.

07: The House of Keebler - 611
Can I say I love the title of this one? Okay, I do! Another rare humourous/light hearted fic. Methos (and Duncan) meets the God of Thunder for the first time - in a bar, of course. They share one of Daw's son's tasty brews. And Thor's ideas on just what Immortals are.

08: I'll Be Seeing You - 401
I'm fond of the stories Nick Fury appears in. This one something of a bridge between the events in Captain America, and foreshadowing what's to come.

09: Variations on a Theme For Cowboys - 396
Who doesn't like a Halloween costume party? Various and sundry SHIELD members, and Immortals show up for the bash. Including one very flirtatious God of Mischief. Another fave title of mine.

10: Everything Old is New Again - 390
Two of my favourite guys, Methos and Nick Fury, share an early morning cup of coffee.

The majority of the stories are under 1500 words, six of the ten are somehow related to Marvel/Avengers and Nick fury is in all six - he beats out Tony and Methos and that does surprise me - those same six are Highlander crossovers, and only one story on the list is not a crossover. I don't write lighthearted often, but when I do, people seem to enjoy them. And in the end, it still surprises me so many people read my crazy OFC infested crossovers. you're not supposed to like them people! Didn't you get the memo? But I'm very glad you do!

Tags: avengers, fic, fic recap, highlander, mag7

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