Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Of Brother Bear & Colin Firth

Dinner went well, and I ended up smelling like hickory smoke yet again. This time I remembered to take a shower before bed and wash my hair so I didn't spend the entire night smelling my smoky hair. The cherry crisp turned out well. I have this apple crisp recipe I adapt for whatever fruit I have, but had never tried cherry before. It calls for lemon juice, but I tossed in some lemoncello liqueur instead. It worked quite well.

While we ate, we did one of our favourite things: watched the Brother Bear movie with the moose commentary. It is the only way to watch that movie, and in fact, is the reason we got it on DVD initially. See, Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas voiced the moose in the movie, and they do a voice over commentary MST3K style, complete with the antlers up against the screen in the dark. It's basically Bob and Doug MacKenzie (from SCTV, a show I loved) as moose doing movie commentary. Funniest damn thing. Much more entertaining than the actual movie. Then we watched Bridget Jones's diary for the umpteenth time and then moved onto Pride & Prejudice for more Colin Firth goodness. Will watch the second DVD today.

Nin works 3-12 since it's a holiday, so once she's headed to work, I'll get some cooking done for the coming week and maybe make some more icons. Oh, and ironing, I need to do ironing.

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