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For the last few weeks, the open cut function hasn't been working on LJ, and now they have the new scissor thing, it still's broken, except in a different way. Now that's a function I use a lot, and I haven't been happy having to open all those cut links in new tabs, instead of being able to read the entire entry on my friends page. Now, I've been considering using DW as my posting platform, but there's still the issue of the name of the journal I'm reading on my flist there not appearing. Haven't been able to figure out how to fix it (I'm using a custom stylesheet and have found fixes for most things, but not that), also, the majority of my flist, I think, is still on LJ, so that doesn't help with the cut tags not working. I'm not sure how sensible it is to use DW to post, and LJ to read my flist. Like I said, quandary. And there's no mobile version of DW, so would still have to use LJ during the work day. [sigh] I just want simple. Doesn't seem possible.
Tags: ranty mcrant
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