Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

A Trip Down Memory Lane

If you've ever reminisced about the good old internet days of fandom, or wondered what it was like back then, this set of posts is what you're looking for. For me, it was such a blast from the past since Arduinna and I met on those old lists and IRC way back when. I can't believe all the details she's remembered! I started thinking all over again about what an impact those early relationships meant for my life. The most profound one, of course, being ninjababe. Hard to believe we met on the Forever Knight IRC channel in early 96, and by the end of that year, she was living with me. So many of those I met, and are still connected to, like otterevil, lilliew, tequilajen, and havocthecat. And while I didn't meet her in RL till last year, conjured_1 now lives a mere 1/2 hour from me. Who says the internet makes you antisocial?
Tags: fandom stuff, friends

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