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Well, technically they're pullets, as their feathers are coming in, but, chicks! We decided to add to our agricultural pursuits and raise chickens for their eggs. We eat a lot of eggs, and free range ones, which I prefer for reasons of health and humane farming practices, are expensive, and getting more so. We have the room, brother is building the coop, and we have lots of left over fruit/veg from the orchard and the garden for them to eat. So yesterday, we went up to Cedar City and got chicks. We're starting with six, and we can add more next year if we need to.

From the front, the bigger one and the one next to her are Gold Sex-links - Cinnamon and Nutmeg. The two black ones are Australorps - Poppy Seed and Pepper, and the remaining two are Rhode Island Reds - Cayenne and Paprika. Yes, they're Spice Girls! They'll be in the brooder for 4-5 weeks, then outside to the coop. They're pretty darn adorable.
Tags: adventures in animal husbandry, rural life

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