Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Belated Answers

Sorry it took me so long to answer the meme questions.

luscious_words asked: Of all the fanfics you've written or are writing, was there a series that you originally did not like but then grew to love?

No, though the current one started as a one shot, and ended up becoming a series. Still not quite sure how that happened.

jedimasterstar asked: Is it difficult for you to make sure several stories stay together? Or, how hard it is for you to keep facts straight from story to story?

Yes! It can be very difficult. That's why I have an Excel spreadsheet for the larger series to keep track of dates and when individual stories in the series are set. And even then, I often have to go back to refresh my memory on some detail I can't quite remember. I try very hard to maintain continuity. I also use the series spreadsheet to jot down stuff I know happened, that hasn't actually been in a story, but might be referenced at some point.
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