Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Stupid Brain

I think the work stress has just fried my brain when it comes to writing. But Nin works this weekend so I really hope to work on White As Snow, Res As Blood [fingers crossed]. Anyway in the meantime, the scene in the new Avengers trailer with Tony reminding Fury that he said he wasn't Avengers material seems to have spawned a story in my head. Set right after the last scene in IM II, except it's an AU to the series. From time to time, I've pondered the possibility if Charlotte had ended up with Tony instead (I think the pivotal future changing moment would have been Tequila Lullaby.) (yes, I have given it logical thought [g])So there's the problem - my brain has placed it squarely in that alternate future. Meh. Stories do that sometimes, just....bloom, in your mind's eye, almost complete in an eye blink. It can be a terrific thing, or an annoying thing, yes it can. Oh well. Done rambling now. I think.
Tags: fic rambles

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