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TMI, health related crap
Both my IBS and the fibro have been really bad lately. I think work and home stress have sort of overwhelmed my system. I've also had some new pain, as I call it, that kinda has me a concerned, but logically, it's probably just more of the same. I used to be really good about supplementing, micro nutrients, that sort of thing, but lately have fallen off the wagon. So last week, I refreshed my memory and did a little research, and started taking ginger capsules. Nin was able to get those at work. And I ordered slippery elm and peppermint oil capsules, those came in yesterday. I've been taking the ginger for a week, and while I got it for my screwed up innards, I read that it's also supposed to be helpful for joint pain. Now it may be a coincidence, but I realized that my finger joints aren't hurting like they normally do. If so, it's a nice side benefit. And I definitely think it's helped my tummy. I'm going to start on the ohe stuff today, and we'll see if it makes any difference.
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