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Fright Night

Well, I had planned out this whole post on OFCs for today, but then I read my F-list this morning and saw em_kellesvig and I had been in some sort of odd mental sync and had done an OC post herself. Mine was going to be from a different angle, but I think I'll put it aside for now because I'm seriously grumpy about the whole subject at this moment in time [g]

So instead! I give you fright night (yes, I realize that for some of you, OFCs are fright night) ! ninjababe's been working lots of OT and didn't get home till about 430am this morning. and I worry till I know she's home safe, so I got up to make sure she was home. I went into the bathroom, and I didn't turn on the light because there was enough ambient light from the hall. Now, we live in a four apartment section and I'm always hearing bangs and such through the pipes up through the bathtub drain and it echoes in the tub enclosure. So I'm really sleepy and out of it, and I hear the usual noises, then realize I'm hearing skittering and scratching. I know that sound -- rats. So I freeze. Then I hear what I can only described as a growl and fighting sounds. I freak! I know there's no way the rats are in the tub, but the primal subconscious bit isn't buying it. Especially after the rat in my bedroom incident in the last place we lived in -- still creeps me out. I panic, trying to find the light, ready to race from the room. Of course, there weren't rats in the tub, it was just the sound of them in the sewer line and it was echoing up through the drain. But DAMN! My heart was racing and I could barely breath. Don't get me wrong, I love rats and mice, have had them as pets, but the kind of rats you meet in the 'wild' give me the creeps. The sounds they make, especially when there's a group of them, just does something to me and I lose it. [shiver] I run out to the living room and scare Nin and I'm trying to calm down so I can go back to sleep. But after that shot of adrenaline, it ain't happening. So the whole thing just added another layer of happy onto what was going to be a stressful day.

I think I'm leaving the linen closet light on in the bathroom from now on. I'm a chicken!

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