Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Live To Tell

I've been posting older fic to AO3, and of course, rereading it as I go. Today's project was uploading the 'Live To Tell' series. Wow, I write some damn depressing fic. I'd forgotten just how angsty some of those were. For those of you not around in 2006, I wrote a series that started off as a crossover as Grey's Anatomy. I thought Methos should be a doctor again, and decided Seattle Grace, the hospital in the series, was as good a place as any. Honestly, I think you could read the stories and not ever have seen an episode of the show, and the majority of the stories don't even have Grey's characters in them. The last story I wrote was set in 2059, and had Duncan, but but no Methos - very different for me! Though it ties up all the loose ends, I'd always wanted to go back and write what happened after but never did. Now, after rereading, I want to pick it up again. Like I need more stuff to write when I can't really seem to write currently.

If you're interested in the series, they're all up on AO3 now.
Tags: fic rambles

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