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So my father is always hogging the TV downstairs in the family room, so mum never gets to watch her DVDs. I had the idea that she could use the 20" TV I used to have in my bedroom when I lived in Monterey, in the living room. This was a bad idea. She has it so loud, I can hear it in my room with the door closed, which means I have to turn my music up louder to drown it out - which is far louder than I like to listen to it. And I can almost guarantee my sound machine won't come near to drowning it out at night, as it barely covers the sound of when she's downstairs watching TV. And to add insult to injury, of course my father is now UPSTAIRS, because far be it for him not to be the center of all when mum finds something to do on her own. GAH!!
Tags: ranty mcrant
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