Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Dance Central

I got ninjababe Dance Central 2 for her Kinect for Xmas, and we decided it would be a good way to get in shape, as I'm totally out of said LOL. We started using it last week, and so far, have been using it at least every other day. I don't have quite enough floor space in my bedroom for both of us to be in the sensor, so we trade off, one of use using the sensor, and the other on the opposite side of the bed, just doing the dance. It's a lot of fun, but boy, do I feel uncoordinated doing some of those dance moves! We're going to get a Zumba game next, which should be fun, since I love Latin music. Next time I go to Vegas, I'm really be busting a move if we go out clubbing again like we did last spring with strangevisitor7.
Tags: ninjababe, now about me

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