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I'd planned to write this weekend, but the time just seemed to disappear. Yesterday I cleaned, helped my brother put up some floating shelves in my room so I could put some of my stuff back out in a cat safe environment, then filled the shelves. Then came comment answering on my snowflake challenge post, and next thing I knew, it was late evening. And at 11:30, we ordered a freaking pizza for delivery! I can't recall the last time I did something like that. I'd assumed our small town Dominoes would be closed, but was surprised to discover it was open till midnight, and I had a craving.

Today, I started tinkering with the CSS for the avengersblend theme. I found one at thefulcrum I liked, then spent hours changing colours. I'd forgotten how addictive web stuff is. Been a long time since I dabbled. I emailed back and forth with valiha about it all, as she's making a banner for the comm, and had lots of great input. Then, I headed over to Dreamwidth to see if I could beat my theme from here into submission, and I did! I'm very proud of myself [snerk] Then I did accounts/bills, laundry, and now I'm here, wondering if any writing is possible before ninjababe come in for the evening (she has a new theme too! go see!)
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