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Snowflake Challenge - Day Seven

Fandom is filled to the brim with all kinds of talented people. From writers of both stories and meta to reccers to artists who have some awesome skills. Some of us have a blast creating, but might not be as vocal about wanting fannish things.

Today’s the day to say “You know what would be greatness? If someone made (blank) for me.”

I have a hard time asking for stuff, which is probably why I've only participated in this sort of thing a total of once before. But I'll screw myself up to do it today.

I'm not an artist, or good enough at graphics, and one of the things I've wanted for a while would require me being. [points to icon] My character, Charlotte Sparrow, is based visually on a nineteenth century opera singer, Lina Cavalieri. There's a fair amount of photos of her in period opera costumes, which is terrific for historic images of Charlotte, but I have nothing for modern day. Okay, so this is farfetched, but doesn't hurt to ask, right?

An Avengers fan mix - if everyone had a most played song on their MP3 player, what would it be? And speaking of Avengers, someone with mad banner making skilz making a banner for avengersblend. That would be awesome!

Last, I think would be cool to read what happened when Loki joined the Halloween party after my story, Variations On A Theme For Cowboys, ends. I'm pretty sure others could come up with much more fun scenarios than I could. Female!Loki and Natasha perhaps? They'd sure be pretty together!

Okay, I did it. Now to hit post....

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