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2011 - the Year In Fic, Part II

Overall Thoughts: First off, thank you! For reading, for commenting, for hanging out here with me.

I didn't get everything written that I wanted to in 2011, so will have to try harder in 2012. I think the biggest thing I didn't see coming in 2010, was how much the Marvel/Avengers/Thor/Captain America movies would impact my writing. It will be interesting to see where seeing The Avengers in May takes me.

Looking back, did you write more fic than you thought you would this year, less, or about what you'd predicted?: Less. I thought I'd get Transformative Variations done sooner, and that I'd finish some of the WIPs I have lying around.

What pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted in January?: Thor.

What's your own favorite story of the year? Not the most popular, but the one that makes you happiest?: Probably The Strangest Places serial. I loved the little moments between Jack and Methos, Methos and Charlotte, and Jack and Charlotte. I liked getting to know a very young and still mortal Charlotte.

Did you take any writing risks this year? What did you learn from them?: Deciding to write Loki. I'm still not sure I can adequately pull it off. I guess I'll know when we do this next year.

My best story of this year: Transformative Variations. It took a lot of work, and I had a very definite idea of what I wanted to happen, and still keep it within the boundaries of the two Iron Man movies.

My most popular story of this year: hit-wise, on AO3, it would seem to be The House of Keebler. Comments, on LJ... House of Keebler.

Story of mine most under-appreciated by the universe, in my opinion: I suppose Tales of the Seven Seas. I just liked writing a short story with female friendship; just two women and their memories. But it wasn't very popular.

Most fun story to write: That would be a tossup between House of Keebler and Variations on a Theme for Cowboys. The first one, you have Thor meeting Methos and Duncan over beers with Joe, and his ideas of just what Immortals are, and the second, Halloween costume party, with Thor's love of Zorro, Duncan dressed as Robert Helm, and Girl Loki!

Story with the single sexiest moment: Chapter 7 of TV ~ Fallout, the almost sex scene in Tony's office. It turned out much hotter (IMHO) than I thought it would. Almost tempted me to take it farther, but I resisted [g]

Most "Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story:
Can't think of anything.

Story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: I think the stories with Nick Fury, particularly I'll Be Seeing You , have given me more insight into Ezra and Charlotte's past. I knew about them and WWII, I just didn't really know what they did during the war till now. I'll Be Seeing You is a post-Captain America story, and boy, I realized I''m going to need to do a lot of damage control with Tony when he finds out that his two best friends knew Howard.

Hardest story to write: Just getting TV finished!

Biggest Disappointment: The final part of Transformative Variations. It's always a bit of a letdown when you get to the end of writing a monster fic. I mean you've spent so much time and emotion on it for so long, and now, it's over. But it's total deflation when it seems that very few people read the last part. You wonder if it was terrible, and no one wanted to tell you. Everyone's support and feedback meant so much to me as I was writing the story, and I feel like I let those people down at the end.

Biggest Surprise: The appearance of Loki in my universe.

Most Unintentionally Telling Story: No idea - you tell me.

Do you have any fanfic or profic goals for the New Year?: I would like to finish my Queen of Swords WIP, and finish Too Young For Heaven - I need to get my Chris Larabee voice back. I'd also like to start - and finish - the sequel to Transformative Variations, which takes place during IM II. I think first though, is finishing my newest story White As Snow, Red As Blood. Taking on a new character like Loki is daunting, and the story, in my head, is very visual. Translating that to words should prove a challenge!

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