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2011 - the Year In Fic, Part I

Starting with the stats and the month by month, then I'll do the Q & A part.

Basic Stats: posted word count for 2011 was nearly 40,000, plus what I've added to a few WIPs that have yet to see the light of day.

January: Chapter 7 of Transformative Variations ~ Fallout, a story I'd started in 2010. This chapter dealt with Quickenings and sex, a classic Highlander mix. Everything Old Is New Again ~ this is the one where Methos decides to join SHIELD and go back to being a doctor. Surprised me too. And I finished the month with Chapter 8 of Transformative Variations ~ The Morning After, or TV, as it shall be known henceforth for this meme.

February: Not a word.

March: I started a serial of short interconnected ficlets that finally went way back to the beginning of Methos, Jack Sparrow, and Charlotte's friendship in the 1700s. First up was The Strangest Places, then Do No Harm, Hand Of Fate, and Unexpected. There was also Chapter 9 of TV ~ Stuck With Me - despite the rocky road they're on Methos and Charlotte give their relationship another chance.

April: I began the month with the final part of the PotC serial ~ Over the Horizon. Then came Chapter 10 of TV ~ Priceless. Favourite part of this chapter, definitely Tony and Charlotte dumping Ezra in the fountain. Loved the lightness of that moment after all the angst that came prior.

May: The House of Keebler! Okay, I love this one. It's just fun, no angst, no drama. Methos and Duncan meet the God of Thunder over beer with Joe. The Need Not to Know was Chapter 11 of TV - Methos is still keeping secrets, Ezra wants to tell Tony about Immortals, and I introduce a new Immie character, Jacob Tanimura.

June: Chapter 12 of TV ~ A Life Complete - Amanda shows up, and it seems as if things may be settling down. Hah!

July: I'll Be Seeing You - inspired by Captain America, though this is a Nick Fury story.

August: I started the month with Chapter 13 of TV ~ Shoot Me Now - things are finally coming to a resolution, one way or the other. This part is the one everyone seemed to be waiting for the most - Tony finds out about Immortals. And then all hell breaks loose. A week later, I posted Chapter 14 ~ If Today Was Your Last Day - I shot Charlotte, and then I shot Happy. No one was safe from me at the end!

September: Finally, I finished Transformative Variations - Chapter 15 ~ Payment Due In Full
. Everyone survived, Tony and Pepper get used to the idea of Immortals, there's a fun appearance by Agent Coulson, and Nick Fury insists that Ezra and Charlotte keep yet more secrets from Tony.

October: Tales of the Seven Seas - this one was a little bit of backstory about Tony's 'Aunt Peggy', and the book about Jack Sparrow she gave him. Set in 1952, a short fic with Peggy Carter from Captain America. I ended the month with a Halloween fic - Variations On A Theme For Cowboys. Ezra and Charlotte's annual Halloween party and a cast of thousands. Well, at least most of SHIELD (and one uninvited guest.).

November: Nothing at all.

December: I started a new story, day before yesterday, in fact - White As Snow, Red As Blood. Finally taking the Loki dive.
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