Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Game of Shadows

We saw Sherlock Holmes
Enjoyed it very much, and will probably go see it again.

I was rather bummed about Irene, but as I understand it, her character was only in one story, so I suppose it shouldn't surprise me. I'm betting the next movie starts with Mary's funeral, unless they keep her around for one more. Anywho, the movie was entertaining, I though Jered Harris was wonderful (wow, he looks like his dad!), and Sherlock on the Shetland was worth the price of the ticket. Sent me into a fit of giggles. I don't know much about Mycroft, so can't speak to Stephen Frye's version, but was fun having him in the movie. I was rather surprised they did 'the end' at the beginning. When I saw the falls, I whispered to Nin, "I wonder if they're the falls? And by golly, they were! Obviously, they could still bring Moriarty back, but this way, I guess we won't have a string of Holmes v. his archenemy films (how about Moriarty gets frozen at the bottom, gets unthawed in our time and becomes Iron Man's arch-nemesis???)(sorry, couldn't help myself there.)
Tags: sherlock holmes
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