Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Death Warmed Over

Whining ahead....

Guess who caught the stomach bug Nin had? Go on, I'll give you one guess!

Since she had it Thursday, I thought I'd managed to avoid it, but no such luck. Like her, I as feeling fine one minute, and the next.... stomach explosion. It started abut 9pm last night, and then the chills started. They were so bad, it was like having muscle spasms all over my body. So damned miserable. To add to it all, it's a payweek Monday, and one of my assistant/customer care reps is away this week, so we're short-staffed but finally, at 3am, I realized there was no way I was going to work. T scanned me timesheets, and because she and Boss 2 are angels, they ended up entering most of the information for me. So now I just need to finish it off and audit it - at some point tonight, I'm still on the wobbly side. I tried to eat a half a banana earlier, I think that was a mistake. We'll see. Going to go take a hot shower and try and at lest feel clean, and then see if I can get payroll done.
Tags: now about me
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