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Ficlet: 'Visions of Methos Danced In Their Heads'

This is a total piece of fluff, written for a friend who shall remain nameless [weg] It has no redeeming social value whatsoever, it merely exists to bring a smile to the intended recipient's face :)

Visions of Methos Danced In Their Heads

Leaning in to kiss her, he abruptly stopped, pulling away, glancing around the room suspiciously. "Where's that little terror you call a sister?" he demanded.

"She won't bother us this time!" Catherine assured him. "I swear!"

"That's what you said last weekend, and the one before that," Methos reminded her testily.

"I looked in on her just before you got here, and she was sleeping like an angel."

Methos snorted. "A fallen angel more like." He got up from the loveseat, quickly crossing the room, reaching one long arm around the corner into the stair well. He was rewarded with the sound of a screech. "Got you!"

"Let go of me!" his prey shouted as she was pulled from her hiding place on the stairs.

"Sleeping like an angel, huh?"

"Sara! You promised you wouldn't do this tonight," Catherine scolded the fourteen-year-old who was being propelled across the room by Catherine's very irritated boyfriend. "Adam, I'm sorry, honestly."

He rolled his eyes, before turning his undivided attention on the recalcitrant teen whose arm he was holding. "Sit!" He pushed her down onto the chair behind her. "You have reached the end of my patience, young lady. " Reaching behind the chair, he pulled out his bag, rummaging around inside before pulling out a syringe and a vial of liquid. "One shot of this," he told Catherine, "and she really will sleep like an angel."

"Adam! You can't do that!" Catherine protested, looking at her sister who was momentarily too stunned to speak. She looked thoughtful and guilty all at once. "Can you?"

"Cathy!" her little sister screeched, outraged that her sister was even contemplating it.

"You shut up," he commanded Sara. Then to Catherine, "I'm a doctor and it's a proven scientific fact children need a good night's sleep." He looked down balefully at Sara who had finally decided silence was a virtue. "I think it's an admirable solution to our little problem."

Catherine sighed. "While it's tempting, I don't really think I can let you drug her. Can't we give her one more chance? Please?"

Methos peered down at the teen. "I don't know. Can we, Sarah?"

The girl had been looking back and forth between the two adults. "Yes!" she squeaked. "I'm really sleepy now, honest!"

"I don't know…" Methos seemed doubtful.

"I'm sure Sara will be very good from now on." She glared at her sister.

"I will, I will!" Sara nodded her head vigorously.

"Well…" He seemed to be pondering his decision. "Fine! But I hear one peep from you tonight or any other night and measures will be taken," he informed her sternly, waving the syringe menacingly. "Now go!" He pointed at the stairs. The girl needed no urging to beat a hasty retreat.

They listened to her retreating footsteps and then the slam of her bedroom door before falling into each other's arms laughing till they cried.

Catherine took a deep breath, wiping her eyes. "God, Adam, the look on her face! She really thought you were going to do it!"

"And you didn't?" he asked, smirking.

She searched his eyes, not quite sure if he was serious and deciding she really didn't want to know. Instead, she brushed her lips across his. "I owe you one!"

"Yes, you do," he agreed, his arms tightening around her. "By the way; next weekend, you and I are going away."


"Mmm-hmm. I have a cottage in the country. Way out in the country. No distractions, no people, and most importantly, no little sisters."

"It sounds heavenly."

"And until then," he moved her back to the loveseat, dropping small kisses along her jaw, "you can start making it up to me."

"Oh, I intend to make it up to you with interest," Catherine whispered before their lips met and bratty siblings and debts were quickly forgotten.


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