Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

All Over the Place

My muse is manic currently. I have an idea for a Christmas based story -- Tony and Charlotte ambushed, bad guys after them, Tony hurt, it's Christmas Eve, that sort of thing. Oh, and snow, lots of snow. So I think, yeah, let's wrote that! Then, for some reason, I actually opened Too Young For Heaven, which I haven't touched since 2009. But it's been so long, I had to rewrite portions of it since the arrival of Kronos isn't a spoiler anymore. So I rewrote, and wrote maybe a few paragraphs new. Then I decided I needed to reread some older fic to remind myself of the whole Chris/Charlotte vibe, and then Nin came in and we watched two eps of Lost girl, which made me want to continue that fic, and then we watched Queen of Swords, and now I'm back to working on that story [sighs] My brain's going to explode.
Tags: fic rambles

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