Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Work to Do

The office is closed today, but I brought work home. Have a stack of contracts I need to process for billing. Bleah.

I think we have a new favourite way to do the turkey. The cider/lager glazed version was a hit. We finished eating around 7:30, and I decided we were going to clean everything up before we moved on to a movie or whatever. So four odd dishpans of water later, and me changing my shirt since I'd half drowned myself, all the posts, glasses, flatware, etc., was done. And since we have a small fridge, I insisted we cut all the meat off the turkeys and break down the carcasses. That way, I could put the carcasses directly in the freezer (where there was a little room) for future stock and soup endeavours. By then it was nearly 9pm, and I was so tired, I lay on my bed for a minute - and promptly fell asleep. I'd been taking antihistamines all day due to really bad allergies, so I'm sure that didn't help. Nin came looking for me an hour later, and at that point, I decided to just go to bed. Never even had dessert!
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