Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Thanks be....

to all my wonderful friends, fandom, the people who take the time to read my fic and my posts, Tony Stark, Methos, Jack Sparrow, and new guy, Loki [g]. Also, my passel and a half of kittehs, my House Elf and NinjaPiglet, and my (relative) health.


Both turkeys are cooking, one in the BBQ and the other in the countertop roaster, I have Nin's cheese dressing in the slow-cooker, a pot of turkey innards simmering to make a quick stock to add to the gravy when we get there, and garlic roasting for the mashed taters. And I treated myself to a new album, Build Me This, by Joshua James. It's awesome. I love the internet - I'm still tickled by things like being able to buy music and get it instantly.
Tags: a shortcut to mushrooms, friends, furballs, music box, now about me
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