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Not Quite So Bad This Time

I finally rewatched the season ender of Grey's Anatomy since I've been feeling the urge to write the fic I wanted to write when it first aired. But at the time, I was working on other stories, so I put it off. I swore I wouldn't cry this time. Yeah, right! But at least I didn't sob myself into a little puddle like the first time around! Still, when Alex picks Izzy up from Denny's side, I was a sniffling fool. [sigh] I loved Denny. He's the main reason I stated watching Supernatural - or at least, the actor who plays him.

Anyway, my memory is refreshed, and for those of you who have really wanted Emily and Methos to get back together, you may get your wish. At least for now. You know what I'm like. I'm a fickle Cupid. And I like it!

A few minutes later: just realized that the music playing, 'Evanescence - Anywhere', is perfect for this story. Have I mentioned how much I love Evanescence?

Tags: grey's anatomy, methos, random fic stuff
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